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Names with stories: The story behind
By Kristina Mišić access_time 5 min read

TimeReaction is built to simplify Workflow Automation headaches. Allan Diamond, Co-founder of TimeReaction, shared the story behind the brand, its name, and how has owning affected their business.

What is the story behind TimeReaction?

Timereaction was an early version of the software that was developed for my manufacturing company in 2001 to eliminate the need to have weekly meetings with my employees. We would all meet to whiteboard our clients’ purchase orders on hand and then communicate with all of our suppliers to ensure all of the components and manufacturing processes were on schedule. We then had to put all this information based on phone calls, emails and faxes together, and assemble it on a spreadsheet to send as a “work-in-process” spreadsheet report to assure our clients that their merchandise was on schedule for delivery. 

I have been involved in the web dating back to 1986, and understood that if data could be assembled on a spreadsheet, it could be translated into a web database. We created a portal that allowed our suppliers to update their status in real-time, our clients to view the status of their order workflow was on schedule, and any action completed by the supplier would send as an alert to our team and my clients that a particular step within the manufacturing process had been completed. 

As long as the manufacturing process stayed on schedule we never had to communicate with either our clients or suppliers, saving our team approximately a day a half per week to focus on the growth of the company.

When did you start thinking about your brand name and how did you settle on TimeReaction?

Timereaction is actually our trademark name. Lifeceyecle Inc. is our corporate name, based on combining the “lifecycle” of a product, and the 3 sided “eye of hormuz”, signifying the client, the supplier, and the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the name was hard to pronounce or spell, and as one Angel Investor put it “you are starting a company, not a cult”.

How did you get the domain name for your brand? Why did you select that one exactly?

TimeReaction was derived from the fact that our application applied a preset amount of time clearly displayed on a simple “time & action calendar” to all of the steps within the manufacturing process, and based on the way we displayed the data, it helped our clients become “proactive” rather than always” reacting” to a situation by knowing in advance what needed to be done in order to stay on schedule.

How has owning affected your business? Do you own any other domain names?

Timereaction is a very easily identified brand name to understand based on the descriptive words, and the logo that displays 3 revolving gears with a clock at the center of the primary gear.

TimeReaction is a very easily identified brand name to understand based on the descriptive words, and the logo that displays three revolving gears with a clock at the center of the primary gear.

Allan Diamond, Co-founder of TimeReaction

Who is your target customer and how is your brand name helping in reaching them?

Our target customer is a small to medium-sized business involved in the manufacturing sector. TimeReaction is highly configurable, so regardless of size or complexity, companies can simply customize it to fit the way that they do business, rather than having to adapt to a preset “out of the box” setup.

How do you keep your brand consistent across different channels online and offline?

Messaging is clear across our website, and consistent with our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Has the pandemic affected your company in any way? What has changed since?

The pandemic has further validated our application. The ability to work from anywhere, on any device across the entire supply chain, now in 14 countries including China, has been built into our DNA from the beginning. Remote work with the supply chain has allowed the manufacturing process to continue without any interruption of service. As one client said: “ As long as my supplier sends my prototype to my home instead of my office, I can achieve the same results with minimal effort”.

What do you do to make sure your marketing is effective?

We have to stay on message, that remote work across the supply chain may be a pain point for many companies, but for TimeReaction, it’s business as usual.

What would your advice be to entrepreneurs who are just starting out, in general, and when it comes to branding and naming?

When we first started out we spent weeks trying to find the perfect name and image to reflect it, which ended up changing. Don’t get stuck on the name, because as your product develops, you will have a better understanding of what the name and message represents. 

Where do you see your business in the future and how does your brand name fit into that vision?

We believe that our business will continue to grow as we aggressively pursue the ability for TimeReaction to integrate with important business systems that require workflow or critical path as a way to ensure a quality product delivered on time, every time. We will continue to drive home the same message that Timereaction originally has stated from the beginning, which is “ be proactive rather than needing to react”.

We hope the above information will help you in making informed decisions about your brand. If you want to say hi or have any questions about naming, branding, and domain names get in touch, we’re always happy to hear from you.

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