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Names with stories: The story behind
By Kristina Mišić access_time 6 min read

Jessy Lai, Co-founder, Nexus Inc., talks about the origin of the brand name, their choice of domain name and why you shouldn’t rush into starting a company.

What is the story behind Nexus?

It all started a couple of years back when I met my future co-founder of Nexus Inc. – a gentleman by the name of Ryan Xu who is a graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University where he holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia – at an overseas tech convention. We clicked immediately.

Ryan, as he is fondly known among his fellow contemporaries in the deep tech, space and blockchain industries, has co-founded multinational bitcoin mining and management consulting company Blockchain Global, as well as premier asset manager with one of the largest blockchain asset funds across the Asia-Pacific region – Collinstar Capital, and Rongyitou Internet Financial Services Co. Ltd. I, on the other hand, come from a non-tech background, but having been a serial entrepreneur of many successful marketing and networking companies; that would eventually shore my net worth and afford me opportunities to co-found and become an integral shareholder of Nexus Inc.

What brings Ryan and me together, two very diverse individuals, is our shared consensus to take blockchain to the next level. And I, a recurring investor, wanted to see the security of funds and finances improve dramatically. After all, I always felt current security protocols availed to us by traditional institutions and providers just did not meet the mark. On that note, we decided to start a space-tech-blockchain company with the aim of solving cyber-theft. In 2016, Nexus Inc. was formally inaugurated.

When did you start thinking about your brand name and how did you settle on Nexus?

By definition, ‘nexus’, as a noun, is all about linkage and connectivity. As described above, the nexus within Nexus Inc. is the integration of blockchain together with space-tech to solve digital theft. And as mentioned above, the thinking began when my future co-founder and myself met and realised there was a nexus between us. Henceforth, the eventual registration and launch of Nexus Inc. in 2016.

What was the reason to get the domain name for your brand?

It only makes sense to select a domain name that accurately reflects the name of one’s company – it’s as simple as that. Having said which, it is getting increasingly challenging as preferred domain names and addresses get taken up. I am grateful to have as our canonical tag and URL.

It only makes sense to select a domain name that accurately reflects the name of one’s company – it’s as simple as that.

Jessy Lai, Co-founder, Nexus Inc.

How has owning affected your business? Do you own any other domain names?

None whatsoever. I invest in a wide cross-section of businesses worldwide and all of them are doing very well. I do not own any other domain names.

What would you do differently if you were entering your category market as a brand today?

I would do everything I’ve been doing for Nexus Inc. from the day the ideation of solving cyber theft came about months before launching Nexus Inc. in 2016. I am pleased with our recent multi-signature authentication nodes into space where both are in orbit in two separate satellites. We’ve attained something native and one-of-a-kind in the universe, and that makes Nexus Inc. a deeply successful deep tech asset custodian company, worldwide. 

Why should entrepreneurs value their brand?

Most entrepreneurs would value their brand so they can generate strong margins, and aim for high-value exits. I take on a different path. I value Nexus Inc., as a brand, for what my company, as a provider, can do for everyone and that is, to solve the unabating issue of online funds’ theft. That is my sole mission having co-founded Nexus Inc. This underlying goal of mine will remain resolute in the long term.

Has the pandemic affected your company in any way? What has changed since?

None whatsoever. In fact, with the pandemic, more individuals and businesses are looking to resolve digital crime through seeking out the best solutions available. To date, and I do believe for a long time to come, Nexus Inc. remains the world’s first and only company and deep tech solutions provider to offer both ethereum and bitcoin in-orbit transactional security solutions across the globe. Nexus Inc.’s proprietary first- and one-of-a-kind ethereum multi-signature wallet hardware is located inside the International Space Station, whilst its bitcoin authentication node is embedded inside the YAM-2 satellite.

What do you do to make sure your marketing is effective?

We deploy a pretty intense marketing strategy that engages native and organic outreach initiatives worldwide. As our co-founders are very well entrenched in the deep tech community, we are finding it easy to onboard institutions and companies as our clients. I have brought with me, to Nexus Inc., a massive repository of over 28 million users and big data to generate traffic and income streams.

What would your advice be to entrepreneurs who are just starting out, in general, and when it comes to branding and naming?

Start from within yourself. You are as successful as the mission you set yourself upon. The rest, like brand and company name, will follow suit as you undergo a process of knowing and understanding what and why you want to be an entrepreneur. Don’t rush into starting a company; and don’t just do it for profit.

Where do you see your business in the future and how does your brand name fit into that vision?

Nexus Inc. never stops growing. We are already on a path of expansion worldwide. More news announcements will follow when we announce new solutions and product lines.

We hope the above information will help you in making informed decisions about your brand. If you want to say hi or have any questions about naming, branding, and domain names get in touch, we’re always happy to hear from you.

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