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MessageBird investing in suggests a possible rebrand
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 1 min read

Dutch-based cloud communications platform MessageBird invested in the premium domain name at the end of last year. Founded in 2011, MessageBird has raised an astonishing $1.1 billion in funding over 5 rounds, with the latest one being raised in April 2021.

MessageBird has not yet officially announced its plans for the new domain name, but the company has filed a trademark for Bird at WIPO, covering the same classifications as the company’s original trademark. The possible rebrand to the shorter and stronger brand name may indicate that MessageBird is planning to introduce new services and expand its current market.

Incorporating action-oriented verbs like “get”, “message” and “try” in their brand name is a common way for startups to register a domain name (.com in particular) if their exact brand match one is already taken or outside their budget. While this has its benefits, as it serves as a call to action, it often becomes limiting as the company grows, as in the MessageBird case. 

No doubt, MessageBird has made headlines with the acquisition of, and we are eager to see what’s coming up next.

MessageBird investing in

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