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Led by a16z Nym Raises $13 Million
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

What is Nym and what does it do?

Nym Technologies is a Swiss privacy-focused startup headquartered in Neuchatel.

Who founded Nym?

The company was founded by Harry Halpin.  

How much has Nym raised?

$13 million, from industry investors in its third investment round.

Who has invested in Nym? 

The investment was led by a16z. The round also saw investments from notable names, Digital Currency Group, Tayssir Capital, Huobi Ventures, Hashkey, and Fenbushi.

What domain name does Nym operate on?

Nym Technologies operates on Its exact brand match leads to a 404 page at the moment. Securing a three letters domain can be demanding but certainly rewarding over time. 

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