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Leading Analytics Platform Density Raised New Funding
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 1 min read

What is Density and what does it do?

Density is a leading analytics platform for measuring and optimizing workplace performance.

Who founded Density?

Andrew Farah, Ben Redfield, Brian Weinreich, Jordan Messina, Robert Grazioli, and Steven VonDeak.

How much has Density raised?

Density has secured $125 million in Series D funding.

Who has invested in Density?

Existing investor Kleiner Perkins led the round. Other investors include Altimeter Capital and Lachy Groom of LGF, 01 Advisors, Upfront Ventures, and Founders Fund.

What domain name does Density operate on?

Density has chosen the domain name. .io is a common choice among startups, despite scandals about who benefits from the sales of .io domains. METTLER TOLEDO owns the exact brand match domain name.

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