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Inside The Wealth Elevator: Lane Kawaoka's Formula for Financial Success
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Our guest for this episode is Lane Kawaoka, a former civil/industrial engineer turned full-time investor and educator. Through his platform, The Wealth Elevator, he aims to make quality investments accessible to everyone, providing free resources to help ordinary people build wealth through real estate.

Meet our guest

Name: Lane Kawaoka

What they do: Lane controls over 2.1 Billion dollars (over 10,000 units) of apartments, mobile home parks, self-storage, hotels, and other commercial real estate assets, distributing over $45M back to passive investors. He operates The Wealth Elevator platform, where he explores real estate syndications, accredited investor banking, and tax strategies for first-generation millionaires. As a real estate investor and fund manager, Lane guides users on how to climb the investment floors to financial freedom. He is also the author of the bestseller “The Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow and the host of “The Wealth Elevator” podcast.

Interesting fact: Lane’s entry into real estate investing began when he started renting out his large house while travelling for work. This initial experience generating cash flow from a tenant paying down his mortgage and providing tax benefits sparked his interest in property investment. This early venture laid the foundation for what would become a substantial real estate portfolio, growing from a single rental property in 2009 to owning well over 10,000 rental units today.

Where to reach them:


Diversification is key—you can’t just dip into one or two investments. It’s crucial to broaden your scope, investing in a dozen or more over an extended period.

Lane Kawaoka

Saving at least $10,000 to $20,000 annually will get you to the first step in the ‘Wealth Elevator,’ where you start building wealth through smart investments like rental properties. Moving beyond the basics can accelerate your financial growth far past traditional expectations.

Lane Kawaoka

Short overview

Lane shares his journey from owning a single property in 2009 to becoming a real estate mogul with over 10,000 rentals. Talking about branding, he recalls starting the “Simple Passive Cashflow” podcast in 2016, a brand he managed alone. This early effort to simplify the concept of passive cash flow for listeners marked the beginning of his influential work in real estate investment education, eventually evolving into the more polished “The Wealth Elevator” brand as his audience and content matured. He introduces the “Wealth Elevator” concept, a framework for understanding different stages of wealth building.

Regarding wealth building, Lane emphasises the importance of community in navigating the complex world of personal finance and passive income. The Wealth Elevator platform provides numerous free resources, including an e-course on alternative investments and extensive information on tax strategies. While most of his educational content is accessible without cost, Lane also facilitates a paid mastermind group for affluent individuals, promoting community and expert collaboration to enhance wealth and financial independence.

Lane stresses how financial literacy can change lives, noting that it often takes a personal crisis to spark interest. He highlights the importance of diversification and the challenge of staying motivated to reach long-term financial goals. Speaking about his investment focus, Lane highlights workforce housing for America’s growing lower middle class as a key area due to its consistent demand for affordable rentals priced between $900 and $1,200. He notes that while technological advances like AI influence other sectors, they minimally affect the residential housing market. Lane also points out the high barriers to entry in real estate, viewing them as beneficial because they protect investments and offer significant tax advantages. Despite the stability in housing, he advises diversification within real estate to manage risks, as seen in recent commercial market downturns.

Lane looks forward to advancing into private placements and syndications across various sectors and exploring the financial strategies used by ultra-high-net-worth individuals to accelerate wealth building efficiently.

Key moments

  • Passive income, wealth-building, and the importance of community. (0:15)
  • Personal finance and investing, with a focus on diversification and long-term strategies. (14:28)
  • Financial literacy for wealth growth. (20:20)
  • Investing in real estate and economic trends. (25:00)

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