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Hyena Energy Upgrades to for Enhanced Visibility and Investor Appeal
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

Hydrogen Energy Applications (HYENA) is a spin-out company from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, specialising in fuel cell technology deployment in Africa. Its POWER POD technology produces reliable electricity on-site and on-demand, replacing diesel generators. South Africa being a key entry point for business into Africa, Cape Town-based HYENA is well positioned to capitalise on the demand for fuel cell-powered solutions. In addition to the development of the POWER POD, HYENA has extensive experience in all aspects of hydrogen technologies.

We want to make fuel cells possible and practical in Africa, where these new hydrogen technologies often face obstacles not considered in developed regions,” The use of existing LPG infrastructure makes the POWER POD a real solution that we believe can be truly transformative.

Dr Jack V Fletcher, Co-founder, Director, and CTO of HYENA

In 2022, Dr Jack V Fletcher, Co-founder, Director, and CTO of HYENA, was shortlisted among sixteen innovators for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. HYENA also successfully fundraised for a second round of funding, including investment from UCT’s Evergreen Fund. 

The company upgraded its domain name from to the exact brand match around that time. The domain name has known several investors who traded it over the years before HYENA acquired it in April 2022, according to DomainIQ’s Whois history.

Upgrading to an exact brand match domain name like is a strategic decision that will significantly benefit HYENA by enhancing the company’s visibility and appeal to potential investors or partners in the competitive energy and technology industries.

A concise and memorable domain name helps to deploy a powerful and trustworthy online presence that will ultimately attract more traffic to the website and boost brand recognition. Having a premium domain name like also signals to potential investors and partners that the company is serious about the future of its business and has the resources to invest in its online presence.

Dr Jack Fletcher has not publicly stated why he chose the name “Hyena” for his company, but based on the name itself, we can make some assumptions .

As the name suggests, Hydrogen Energy Applications focus on developing and commercialising technologies related to hydrogen energy. The word “Hyena” may have been chosen to convey the company’s tenacity, intelligence, and ability to thrive in challenging conditions, in line with  the animal’s reputation. Hyenas are known for their strong social bonds within their clan, which could symbolise the company’s collaborative and team-oriented approach to innovation.

Animals have long been a source of symbolism, so it’s no wonder their name and images can help you gain a competitive edge. Animal images resonate with customers, especially when they’re creatively entwined with a brand identity. Animal names are some of the most versatile brand names in existence that can be applied to multiple industries. Many great brand names have been built around animals, such as Puma, Jaguar, Red Bull, FireFox, FoodPanda, DuckDuckGo, etc.

The name “Hyena” could be simply interpreted as an acronym for “Hydrogen Energy Applications,” with the first two letters and last two letters of each word forming the word “Hyena.” This could be a clever way to create a memorable and distinctive brand name reflecting the company’s core focus on hydrogen energy applications.

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