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Chime Technologies Unveils Expanded Vision with Rebrand to Lofty
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Chime Technologies offers an AI-based platform that helps real estate professionals increase their productivity and accelerate business growth. In November 2023, Chime announced its new identity with a rebrand to Lofty. According to the statement, the rebrand aims to highlight the company’s commitment to delivering AI-powered innovations for the modern real estate professional.

As the real estate industry continues to change rapidly, we have expanded our vision to best meet the evolving needs of our customers, helping them navigate and prosper in a world that will be driven by AI. We want our brand to inspire customers to believe in their future success and set ‘lofty’ goals for their business. Our clients can continue to expect the same high level of product innovation and commitment to addressing their business needs through the practical application of AI technology.

Joe Chen, CEO of Lofty

The business used the domain name before the rebrand, while leads to Chime, a mobile banking and finance platform. This can lead to traffic and email leaks, customer confusion and ineffective advertising. Country code domains are often more affordable, but they can introduce certain business risks, including limited global reach and reduced brand recognition.

Recognising these challenges, the company secured its exact brand match domain name,, protecting its brand for the future. Moving to an exact brand match domain name can help Lofty establish a stronger online presence and reputation. Domain names consisting of a single dictionary word, like, are highly sought after because they are short, simple, popular, memorable, and bring many business benefits.

Chime Technologies Rebrands to Lofty

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