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Astroscale Raises $109 Million to Pursue Space Cleanup
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

What is Astroscale and what does it do?

Astroscale is a Japanese space startup, it specializes in on-orbit servicing technology, as a way to help reduce the amount of debris in operating orbital altitudes. They have a program to extend the life of existing satellites too.

Who founded Astroscale?

The company was founded by Nobu Okada.

How much has Astroscale raised?

$109 million in Series F.

Who has invested in Astroscale?

The round was led by THE FUND and includes the participation from Seraphim Space, it brings Astroscale’s total funding to $300 million.

What domain name does Astroscale operate on?

Astroscale has secured its exact brand match, It enables the company to get the highest possible return on its marketing effort and will offer much tranquility for years to come to its presence online in a crowded space.

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