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Adopt' Acquires Domain to Support Digital Expansion and Global Growth
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

Adopt’ has revolutionized the perfume industry by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. It all started in 1986. It was this year, under the name Réserve Naturelle, that the company was launched. Created in Bordeaux, the brand then developed a line of accessories. Very quickly, the idea of creating a range of perfumes, whose wide offer would meet the desires of all women, was born. This range was then developed under the name adopt. And it was in 2015 that Réserve Naturelle officially changed its name. The company took advantage of the international reputation of its exclusive perfume range of the same name. Perfumes became the heart of the brand’s offer and enjoyed dazzling success, in France but also internationally. Yummy candy, Lady glitter, Musc Blanc or Love mood were successively created and became the brand’s best-sellers!

We decided to call ourselves Adopt simply to internationalise the brand. Adopt has a lot more international sound. In the last two years Adopt has had a huge success in shops and also with influencers and bloggers.

Thomas Monlun, Adopt

The company, which operates both digitally and through a network of 170 stores and 2,000 points of sale in nearly 20 countries, offers over 150 fragrances all made in France. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Adopt’ has seen strong and profitable growth since 2016, with its revenue tripling to reach €57 million in 2021 thanks to the support of  Trocadero Capital Partners and the Pépites & Territoires fund by AXA & NextStage AM. The companies invested more than €26 million to support Adopt’s growth and industrial capacity. 

Adopt’ was originally launched and still operates on the country extension domain name  

.fr is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for France. It is managed by the Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (AFNIC), which is responsible for the registration and maintenance of all .fr domain names.

One potential drawback of using a country-specific domain extension is that it could limit the reach of your brand to only that specific country, rather than making it accessible globally, which seemed to be the driving force behind Adopt’s decision to acquire According to Whoxy, the domain name was transferred to a French company at some point in October 2021. The investment in the exact brand match domain aligns with the company’s goals of expanding digitally and increasing its international growth.

The management team aims to establish Adopt’ as a world leader in the fragrance market and reach a revenue of over €100 million by 2025 with an EBITDA of €9 million.

Adopt’ is now a brand with a strong positioning, profitable and whose business continues to grow. Our range of perfumes and cosmetics, accessible without compromising on quality and part of an eco-responsible approach, is attracting an increasingly large clientele, both in France and internationally. We have been able to capitalize on changes in consumption patterns, and wish to accelerate in this direction. 

Frédéric Stoeckel, President of Adopt for Trocadero

The .com extension is recognized as a standard for domain names on the internet and is by far the most popular TLD in use today.

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