Fortune 500 List of Companies 2022 and Their Domain Name Choices

On May 23, 2022, Fortune announced its annual list of the largest corporations in the United States, ranked by revenue for the 2021 fiscal year. This year’s list of 500 companies generated a record $16.1 trillion in revenue and $1.8 trillion in profits. Female CEOs lead 44 of the 500 companies on this year’s list, an all-time record. We analyzed the list of Fortune 500 for 2022 and grouped them by their domain choices. Here’s what we have learned.

What is an exact brand match domain?

We have covered the difference between a domain name, URL and a website, touched on the history of domain names and their role for a brand, and the various domain name extensions with their ups and downs. If you have ever browsed our twitter timeline or the Domain Upgrades section on SmartBranding, you have come […]

1000+ SAAS Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

We’ve analyzed 1000+ Software as a service (SaaS) startups and their domain name choices. Here’s what you can learn from it.

Prospering in the Pandemic: The Top 100 Companies and Their Domains

The Financial Times recently published a list of the top 100 companies prospering in the pandemic. We looked over what their choices are for brand and domain names.

European Tech Startups 2021 and Their Domain Name Choices

Our research among the European tech startups shows that the companies have taken a severe approach in building a solid brand and securing their digital presence,

Merama raised new capital reaching over a $200 million valuation

Merama is an e-commerce startup focused on Latin America. Latin-based startup raised new capital reaching over a $200 million valuation.

Empathy raised $30 million at the Series A funding round

Empathy is an AI-based platform for families. The company raised $30 million at the Series A funding round.

109 best E-commerce brands of 2020 and their domains

Grails’ team have gathered a list of 109 top e-commerce brands for 2020, and here are some of the names on the list.

What are the risks of running a business on a compromise domain name?

Your desired .com domain name is taken. So what? Just add another word! Pick a fancy new extension! Put a dash? Anything can work, it doesn’t really matter, does it? I mean, Tesla had TeslaMotors.com before getting Tesla.com, Slack had SlackHQ.com before Slack.com. Even the best domain name in the world will not save you if your product is not good. […]

2010 - 2020 a Decade in Domains part 9 - Blockchain and AI brands

Let’s look at the names some of the most known players in the blockchain industry.

2010 - 2020 a Decade in Domains part 1 - Brands simplified their names

Let’s look at how have brands and their domain names evolved over the last decade.

Everything You Need To Know About EBMs

What is an Exact Brand Match domain? What effects would it have on your business? What risks do you take on by not owning yours? We’ve put together some tips on the topic.

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