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Reckitt Benckiser Rebrands to Reckitt
By Kristina Mišić access_time 2 min read

The Reckitt Benckiser name was formed in March 1999 from the merger of British company Reckitt & Colman plc and Dutch company Benckiser N.V. In 2014, Reckitt Benckiser announced it was dropping its full name in favor of the RB brand. According to Rakesh Kapoor, the old name was “a bit of a mouthful” and the name change would make life easier.

Now, the British manufacturer behind Lysol, Clearasil and Durex, announced it would rebrand itself and be known simply as Reckitt (which is the only name most people ever called it anyway).

The company said it will roll out this rebrand across all of Reckitt’s touchpoints and platforms in order to reflect the company’s ongoing journey of transformation towards sustainable growth. 

The brand is a visible symbol of our corporate purpose and the change that has been taking place across the business on our journey of transformation. The name reflects the existing widespread usage of Reckitt and is clearer, simpler and more memorable, while retaining positive associations with the company’s heritage.

Miguel Veiga-Pestana, Head of Corporate Affairs & Chief Sustainability Officer

Prior to this announcement, the company used the domain name which now redirects to the exact brand match domain Considering the company owns both domain names, and brand protection begins with a good domain strategy, it is a great move by the company to acquire both assets.

Our new Reckitt identity will better enable us to communicate our corporate purpose to the world, and to do so in a way that is powerful, consistent and impactful.

Jo Osborn, Vice President Internal Communications & Corporate Brand at Reckitt

The rollout of the new branding will take place over three years and will be implemented in both physical and digital domains. Reckitt also decided to change its logo with the ‘R’ at the heart of the symbol representing its unity, strength, and relentless pursuit, inspired by the company’s motto.

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