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Inside the World of PR with Curtis Sparrer from Bospar PR 
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Our guest for this episode is Curtis Sparrer – co-founder of Bospar PR. Having worked with brands like PayPal, Tetris and the alien hunters of the SETI Institute, Curtis is a member of the Forbes Communications Council and has written for Adweek, Forbes, the Dallas Morning News, and PRWeek.

Meet our guest

Name: Curtis Sparrer

What they do: Curtis is the founder of Bospar –  an award-winning international tech PR firm known for being innovative, responsive, and results-driven.

Interesting fact: Curtis had a thriving career in TV, even won an Emmy. At some point in his life he got on a crossroad – stay in San Francisco or leave the news industry. His love for the city led him to stay and that’s when he discovered his passion for PR. At the beginning, many firms underestimated his valuable experience from TV, but that only made him more determined and ultimately led to the creation of Bospar.

Curtis’ career trajectory took a unique turn when he teamed up with Chris Boehlke to establish Bospar in 2015 as a work-from-home agency, challenging the traditional office-based model in the PR industry. Their innovative approach quickly earned them awards and recognition and positioned them well to excel during the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing the effectiveness of their remote work strategy.

Where to reach them:


Curtis Sparrer, Bospar PR

I believe PR can be transformational, yielding sales, aiding in exits, and setting clients up for success when they go public. We must grapple with the challenges of an evolving media landscape, where understanding how news is crafted becomes increasingly vital in a world dominated by AI and video consumption.

Curtis Sparrer

When people are choosing domain names or looking at their own branding, they need to be thinking about how they can tie in thoughtful, important qualities to them in a way that’s going to be helpful for their brand. That’s the real benefit of PR – creating thought leadership planks to tie into your brand name or your URL, so that sentiment is positive and helpful for your business objectives.

Curtis Sparrer

Bill Gates said if he was down to $1, he’d invest it in PR, and I think that’s a good investment. Many startups make freshman mistakes with their web and social content, so getting PR advice early sets you up for future success.

Curtis Sparrer

Short overview

Curtis Sparrer shares his journey from television to PR and the challenges he faced in establishing Bospar PR. We talk about the origins of Bospar’s name, combining the founders’ last names into a meaningful and easily recognisable brand that reflects their unique PR and client relations approach. Curtis highlights the agency’s ability to secure transformative media coverage for clients through PR and branding expertise.

In addressing industry challenges, Curtis expresses concern about the changing landscape of news consumption, the influence of AI, and the growing preference for video content among younger generations. He emphasises the need for communication professionals to adapt to these evolving trends. Curtis details his “politely pushy” method of working with clients, focusing on the value of maintaining professional ethics while being polite and persistent. He discusses the ideal timing for engaging a PR expert, particularly for startups, to avoid common content mistakes and establish a strong foundation, aligning their brand with qualities that drive sales and business growth.

The conversation touches on PR agency selection, red flags to look out for, and the significance of company and domain names. As a final point, Curtis draws attention to the connection between PR and sales, focusing on the trust and credibility PR can bring to a company and the necessity for a well-structured onboarding process in order to achieve successful media placements and transformational PR.

Key moments

  • Curtis’ PR career path and remote work. (0:03)
  • Branding and naming with a focus on unique and memorable options. (3:51)
  • PR industry challenges and opportunities in a changing media landscape. (8:53)
  • PR strategies and branding for businesses. (13:15)
  • PR agency selection and red flags. (28:37)
  • PR strategy and media placements. (40:03)

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