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After leaving his prior startup KeywordSmart in 2012, Josh Haas, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO at, started coding a project that would become Bubble: a tool to help non-technical founders build their ideas without needing to learn how to code. Co-founders Emmanuel Straschnov and Josh Haas chose the name “Bubble” as a sly nod to the concept of a “tech bubble,” maybe one they would someday help burst.

The name was a few beers in. We were watching this video, ‘Here Comes Another Bubble,’ and we were having a long conversation about what to name it. We had AppForest. It was bad. More seriously, though, it hit a lot of our requirements; we wanted it to be playful and close to the people. Not like ‘AppBuilder’

Emmanuel Straschnov and Josh Haas |

Emmanuel and Josh spent seven years bootstrapping and tinkering with the product. In 2015, the founders posted Bubble on Product Hunt, and it became one of the highest upvoted products at the time, getting Bubble more than 3,000 users overnight. They decided not to take any venture capital money at the time and continued bootstrapping, growing their team as their revenue and users grew. After two years, Bubble had over 250,000 users, $1 million in annual recurring revenue, and a platform that could scale.

Finally, Bubble became a venture-backed company in June 2019. The company secured a $6.25 million seed round led by SignalFire. After reaching 1 million users worldwide, Bubble finally decided to invest in its branding. Upgrading from, the company acquired the EBM (Exact Brand Match) domain name in June 2021. A great way to celebrate, right?   

On Jul 27, 2021, Bubble raised $100 million in a funding round led by private equity firm Insight Partners, who happened to be one of the very first investors that ever reached out to Josh and Emmanuel in 2014.

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