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Republic’s Metaverse Division Spins Off With a Rebrand
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

Unless you are living under a rock there is no way you’ve missed the metaverse craze. An important part of it is the real estate of this new world, with over $500M in sales already, projected to double this year.

An active player in the space has been the crowdfunding platform Republic – it has been an active investor in metaverse real estate properties through its Republic Realm division. Now the devision is spinning off into its own private company called Everyrealm, according to recent Techcrunch post.

The business used to operate on  the domain name which now hosts a fancy visual showing the transition to Everyrealm and a link to visit the new site. It is of course no surprise that you can find Everyrealm on their exact brand match – talk about securing the best spot on the internet for your brand!

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