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Rapchat․me Upgrades to
By SmartBranding Team access_time 1 min read

Founded in 2015, Rapchat Inc. is a company that offers one of the handiest and fun apps for recording and creating music, while also enabling users to collaborate with friends. The Rapchat app is designed for mobile devices, so artists and enthusiasts can create music on the go.

The company has been using the Rapchat․me domain, before having acquired According to WHOIS records, before the domain became the ownership of Rapchat Inc. in January 2021, it was owned by Alberta Hot Rods, a company based in Canada.

Rapchat Inc.’s previous domain had a .me extension and this is a choice for some companies. This extension may be combined in a meaningful and playful manner with one’s brand name, but a country-code domain is bound to have limitations.

A TLD (top-level domain) is a whole different story. When you use a .com extension, it’s bound to generate more type-in traffic and you own your brand name in the digital space, regardless if other companies have the same brand name. By acquiring the .com extension, Rapchat Inc. recognized the opportunity to build their brand and set themselves up for success.

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