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Israeli Genetics and Seed Company Betterseeds Raises Funding
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

What is BetterSeeds?

BetterSeeds is a genetics and seed company. Initially it started as CanBreed, and the company’s mission was to  genetically perfect cannabis plants. In July 2021 the company rebranded to BetterSeeds and expanded its knowhow to multiple crops, including cocoa, soy, peanuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, black-eyed peas, and more.

What does BetterSeeds do?

BetterSeeds applies and improves the CRISPR-cas9 gene-editing technology to develop new, improved varieties of selected crops.

Who owns BetterSeeds?

Ido Margalit is the company’s CEO, Tal Sherman is a founder and VP of R&D, Aaron Berdah holds the position of President & Chairman.

How much has BetterSeeds raised?

BetterSeeds has just closed a $2 million investment as part of a $7 million round of funding.

Who has invested in BetterSeeds?

The $2 million investment led by A-Labs Advisory & Finance investment bank via their “12.64 Fund” that primarily invests in upcoming unicorns.

What domain name does BetterSeeds operate on?

The brand has secured an exact brand match .com domain name They also have the domain extension, the country code for Israel.

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