Sphere Fluidics Closes $40 Million Funding Round

What is Sphere Fluidics? Sphere Fluidics is a UK based business that has developed single cell analysis systems underpinned by its picodroplet technology. What does Sphere Fluidics do? Sphere Fluidics develops unique products for use in single cell analysis and characterisation and provides collaborative R&D services in this area. Who owns Sphere Fluidics? Frank Craig […]

Israeli Genetics and Seed Company Betterseeds Raises Funding

What is BetterSeeds? BetterSeeds is a genetics and seed company. Initially it started as CanBreed, and the company’s mission was to  genetically perfect cannabis plants. In July 2021 the company rebranded to BetterSeeds and expanded its knowhow to multiple crops, including cocoa, soy, peanuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, black-eyed peas, and more. What does BetterSeeds do? BetterSeeds […]

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