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By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

Mati originally launched in 2017, on a mission to enable businesses to get the digital identity tools they need to provide better trust-based services to more people. As is the case with many startups, the team chose a great name – Mati – short, simple, easy to remember and write. But the matching .com domain name was taken. Nothing new under the sun – they secured and went to work.

Fast forward to 2021, Mati has taken its services to the next level and needed a new name to better fit their mission. In December 2021 the company announced a $70M series B funding and a rebrand – to Metamap.Com.

The future world of structured identity data is a world we call borderless — a state of the world where physical borders between countries, as well as digital borders between online services, all become seamless portals. MetaMap can help get us there.

MetaMap Team

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