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United Arab Emirates Brands to Watch in 2021 and Their Domain Name Choices
By Tatiana Bonneau access_time 2 min read


The United Arab Emirates has become one of the most attractive places to launch a startup in recent years. The central location – the number of places accessible in under four hours flight time, modern infrastructure and support from government, low costs of technology are just some of the benefits of running a startup in the UAE. The country is aspiring to become the next silicon valley in the east with many grants, startup events, conferences, and pitching competitions.

The official country-code extension is .ae, it was introduced in 1992. There are no specific requirements to register a .ae domain, and it can be registered for 1-5 years.



Operating on, Souqalmal is an insurance and financial aggregator/comparison platform, allowing users to compare retail banking products and insurance.

The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell items from luxury brands at discounted prices. The brand operates on

Property Finder

Property Finder is a property portal that features homes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They operate on the local domain extension, and also have the .sa, .bh, .eg, .qa to accommodate their audience as well as a completely different brand in Turkey, on


The most popular domain name extension for United Arab Emirates brands is .com, with 132 out of 180 brands operating on a .com name. Next is .ae with 22 startups on a .ae domain name and .net with 5.

United Arab Emirates Brands

Dashes seem to not be a popular choice, there are only 6 out of 180 startups that included a dash in their domain name.

United Arab Emirates Brands

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