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Monica Stankova

From College Nannies and Sitters to Jovie: A Rebrand that Aligns with the Company's Values and Mission

College Nannies and Sitters has rebranded to Jovie, a move that aims to better represent the company and its community of caregivers. The new name, Jovie, represents the company’s commitment to creating a more positive and seamless experience for families seeking childcare and caregivers seeking employment. 

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BELIGAS Rebrands to A Strategic Move to Enhance Communication and Expand Services

BELIGAS is a social enterprise that was founded in June 2020 during the peak of the pandemic crisis. Their mission is to empower those who have lost their jobs during the lockdown by providing them with cooking gas. Over the past two years, the company has evolved from a simple home gas delivery service to a multi-service provider used by 17,000 monthly customers at its peak.

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Creating a Powerful Online Identity through Rebranding and a Desirable Domain Name: The NCX Journey from SilviaTerra to

SilviaTerra is a leading provider of forest carbon credits, offering a data-driven approach to democratizing forest carbon markets. With an AI-powered forest Basemap, NCX connects American landowners with net-zero leaders, providing a reliable and trusted source of high-quality forest carbon credits.

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Zappi Raises $170 Million in Investment and Boosts its Online Presence with Upgrade to

Zappi is a company that uses artificial intelligence to help global brands make informed decisions and drive business growth. Zappi’s platform provides access to actionable, quick and smart insights to amplify creative effectiveness and shape winning innovation, empowering creators with the agility and the data they need to make better decisions about the ads and innovation they take to market.

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X Delivery Becomes Maergo, Ready to Take on the Next Stage of Expansion with $20M in Funding

Maergo (previously known as X Delivery) is a revolutionary national parcel delivery platform that helps high-growth brands ship faster, cheaper, and more sustainably. Their expansive network allows for quick delivery and reduces carbon emissions, enabling brands to enhance their customers’ post-purchase experience. By leveraging modern technology and data analytics, Maergo is disrupting traditional carriers and […]

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The Fintech 250 CB Insights List of Companies 2022 and Their Domain Name Choices

The Fintech 250 is CB Insights’ annual list showcasing the most promising private fintech companies worldwide. These companies are selected based on several criteria, including their products or services’ potential impact, market size and growth, team and leadership strength, and innovation. The list includes companies focused on payments, lending, wealth management, insurance, cryptocurrency, and other areas of financial technology.

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Quora Launches Poe, a Chatbot Conversation Platform Boosted by Premium Domain

Quora has invested in for its new platform. By owning this premium domain, Quora gains a strong and memorable online presence for the new project

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The Chartis Group Rebrands as Chartis to Unify its Business Units and Reflect Expanding Expertise in the Healthcare Industry

In order to better serve the healthcare ecosystem and reflect its growing scale, The Chartis Group recently announced that it will rebrand as Chartis in order to unify its various business units under a single brand.

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Yellowbrick Drops Two Letters to Open New Horizons

Yellowbrick is a data warehousing company founded in 2014. The business initially launched on the domain name The company decided to upgrade to in 2018. With its new name, Yellowbrick positioned itself to become an industry leader and secure its brand for years to come.

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Generative AI Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

79 startups operate with a .com domain name. The .com is the gold standard for reliability and highlights the brand’s credibility. It is the largest top-level domain with over 130 million .com names registered, making it the natural choice of internet users.

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