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Monica Stankova Upgrades to and secures $50 million in funding

Founded in 2018, Deel is a leading global compliance and payroll platform that enables companies to hire anybody, anywhere. Deel worldwide customers include names like Coinbase, Intercom and Shopify, and are represented by more than 150 countries.  The business started on Whoxy data shows that in 2018 the domain was owned by Latvian-based […]

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Global Biopharmaceutical Services Leader CATO SMS Rebrands to Allucent

CATO SMS has rebranded and became Allucent to emphasize the company’s spotlight on serving the specialized needs of small and mid-sized biotech companies. The new name and branding come after a series of strategic acquisitions, most recently Pharm-Olam, that doubled the company’s size. In three short years, we’ve transformed our company to meet the unique needs of small […]

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Simplyk, the first and only 100% free fundraising platform for nonprofits in North America, announced a rebrand to Zeffy as the company expands to the United States.  Word of mouth is essential to our growth strategy. With over 200 US nonprofits signing up with us each month, we needed a memorable and pronounceable name to […]

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Dropbox is serious about what they do with

Dropbox recently announced Dropbox Shop beta launch. The company also introduced new updates to the platform, as well as tipping capabilities, customizing your storefront and URLs and embed HTML codes. Launched in 2007 by Drew Houston, the business has been doing extremely well, being profitable with steady user growth after its inception. The idea came […]

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Montane Matches its Global Presence with

Montane’s founders, Chris Roff and Jake Doxat, met on a 3 month expedition to southern Chile in 1989. Their joint passion for outdoor adventures is what inspired them to create the brand. In 1997 one of Montane’s most iconic products – Extreme Range was launched. It is still used by outdoor professionals and mountain rescue […]

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