Receeve Reached $16 Million in Total Funding

What is Receeve and what does it do? Receeve is a no-code SaaS startup that assists companies in collecting and recovering debts. Who founded Receeve? Michael Backes and Paul Jozefak launched Receeve in 2019. The startup is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. How much has Receeve raised? Receeve raised a total of $16 million. Who has […]

Genesys Raises $580 Million in Funding

What is Genesys and what does it do? Genesys is an American software company that sells customer experience and call center technology. Who heads Genesys? The company was founded by Gregory Shenkkman and Alec Miloslavsky. How much has Genesys raised? $580 million, setting a $21 Billion valuation. Who has invested in Genesys? The funding was […]

NextCar Rebrands to Autonomy

The Santa Monica startup NextCar announced its rebrand to Autonomy, with the matching domain name – NextCar offers short-term vehicle subscriptions. The business operated on the domain name, while another brand – a car rental business called NextCar International in Maryland, owns the domain. You can imagine the confusion that cost to […]

Hotel Engine Hits $1.3 Billion Valuation

What is Hotel Engine and what does it do? Hotel Engine is a corporate travel startup focused on hotel booking management. Who founded Hotel Engine? The company was founded by Elia Wallen in 2015. How much has Hotel Engine raised? $65 million.  Who has invested in Hotel Engine? The funding was led by Telescope Partners. […]

Fintech Startup Unlimitd Raises $5.6 Million

What is Unlimitd and what does it do? Unlimitd is a French fintech startup based in Lille, the company offers revenues based financing (RBF). Who founded Unlimitd? The company was founded by Julien Zeribb. How much has Unlimitd raised? $5.6 million. The company’s valuation was not disclosed. Who has invested in Unlimitd? The funding came […]

Urban SDK Increases Seed Funding to $3.7 Million

What is Urban SDK and what does it do? Urban SDK is a data analytics and visualization startup based in Florida. Who founded Urban SDK? The company was founded by Drew Lesser and Justin Dennis. How much has Urban SDK raised? $3.7 million in seed funding. Who has invested in Urban SDK? The round was […]

Fashion Startup Centra Secures $11 Million

What is Centra and what does it do? Centra is a commerce platform specialised in DTC and wholesale operations for fashion brands. Who founded Centra? The company was founded by Piotr Zaleski and Frans Rosen. How much has Centra raised? $11.3 million. Who has invested in Centra? Verdane, a Northern European growth equity investment firm. […]

Reibus Secures $75 Million Series B Funding

What is Reibus and what does it do? Reibus is an independent metal marketplace. Who founded Reibus? The company was founded by John Armstrong in 2018. How much has Reibus raised? $75 million in Series B. Who has invested in Reibus? The round was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. Reibus also saw some existing […]

HaptX Raises $4 Million in Series A Funding

What is HaptX and what does it do? Haptx is a Redmond-based realistic haptic gloves for VR and robotics startup. Who founded HaptX? Jake Rubin is the founder and CEO of the company. How much has HaptX raised? $4 million, bringing total funding to $35 million.  Who has invested in HaptX? The money came from […]

Motorway Turns into a Unicorn

What is Motorway and what does it do? Motorway is a second-hand car auction platform based in the UK. Who founded Motorway? The company was founded by Alex Buttle, Harry Jones, and Tom Leathes in 2017. How much has Motorway raised? $190 million in series C funding round. Who has invested in Motorway? The round […]

FJDynamics raises $70 Million

What is FJDynamics and what does it do? FJDynamics is a robotics startup based in Shenzhen. Who founded FJDynamics? The company was founded by Wu Di in 2019. How much has FJDynamics raised? $70 million in series B funding round. Who has invested in FJDynamics? The company declined to name its sole investor. What domain […]

Astroscale Raises $109 Million to Pursue Space Cleanup

What is Astroscale and what does it do? Astroscale is a Japanese space startup, it specializes in on-orbit servicing technology, as a way to help reduce the amount of debris in operating orbital altitudes. They have a program to extend the life of existing satellites too. Who founded Astroscale? The company was founded by Nobu […]

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