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Healthcare Unicorns in 2021 and Their Domain Name Choices
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 5 min read


The COVID outbreak has brought to light the health industry’s challenges and has focused investors’ attention on companies developing technology solutions aiming to make the sector more effective and efficient. 

More than $21.6 Billion have been invested in digital healthcare companies in the year 2020.  

In the first half of 2021, worldwide venture capital financing for digital health startups hit a record high of $15 billion, driven mostly by telehealth technology and services investments.

More about the health tech industry and the most promising startups could be found in our recent article Digital Health Startups 2021 and their domain name choice

In addition to the above, Grails’ team has gathered a list of 70+ health-tech unicorns and their domain name choices.

A unicorn startup is a private company having a valuation of more than $1 billion. Unicorns do not include post-exit, acquired, or listed companies. As of November 2, 2021, there are 76 health tech Unicorns throughout the globe, with a combined value of more than $154 billion.



Founded in 2013, Babylon is a leading digital-first, value-based care company. Through its platform and virtual clinical appointments, Babylon provides integrated, personalized healthcare. On October 22, the company raised $230 million, bringing its total funding to over $1 billion. 

Babylon has secured the domain name. At the time of our visit, doesn’t seem to be resolving. Babylon is included in our October 2021 funded startups list and their domain name choices.


Capsule, an online pharmacy startup that offers same-day prescription delivery, was founded in May 2016 by Eric Kinariwala. The company has a post-money valuation in the range of $1B to $10B as of April 28, 2021, according to PrivCo. Capsule recently upgraded from CapsuleCares․com to the Those type of upgrades are very common with startups as they grow – additional words in the brand and domain name can confuse their customers and business partners as well as limit their area of activity. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication as the saying goes.


Calm is a software company situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. It creates meditation products, such as guided meditations and Sleep Stories. The startup scored a $2 billion valuation with its latest lt funding raised on December 8, 2020. Calm has chosen a domain name that corresponds to their global ambitions and communicates their vision – Investor Jason Clacanis quoted the domain name as one of the reasons he invested in Calm in its early days.

Exceptional branding, a four letter domain name that’s in the dictionary! 

Jason Calacanis on the reasons why he invested in Calm


Color is a population health tech startup that offers genetic testing and analysis directly to patients and through employers. Color’s products focus on genes that indicate risk for heart disease, cancer and that affect medication response. This month Color raised $100 million in Series E funding, bringing its valuation to $4.6 billion.

Color operates on – an exact brand match .com domain. Domains of that caliber can have many lives – this one in particular used to belong to a photo sharing app not so long ago. The same company had the domain and both now belong to Color. A great way to secure their brand for both spellings and cement their authority, and a wonderful new life for both domains.


Noom is a mission-driven psychology-based digital health platform that aims to assist people worldwide in achieving their physical health goals. The startup is valued at $3.7 billion after its latest round was raised in May 2021. Noom operates on the exact brand match domain name Noom is part of our Digital Health Startups 2021 and their domain name choice list. 

The name “Noom” was chosen because Noom is “moon” spelled backward.

The moon is calm, wise, and always there for the whole world. Plus the name works in many languages.

Noom President and co-founder Artem Petakov


Elemy is a B2B2C platform that helps provide in-home pediatric care for children with persistent behavioral issues, such as autism. The startup is valued at $1.2 billion and has raised $323 million in funding over 3 rounds.

Elemy operates on Investing in a .com domain name that matches their brand name ensures their brand is secure online and makes it easy for their customers, business partners, and investors to reach them.


The majority of the Unicorn startups – 70 out of 72 – operate on the .com extension. It is the largest top-level domain with over 130 million .com names registered and the natural choice of internet users.

Healthcare Unicorns in 2021 and Their Domain Name Choices
Healthcare Unicorns with .com domains vs others

61 companies have secured a .com domain exactly matching their brand name (Exact Brand Match), thus making the most out of their marketing across channels and avoiding security risks.

Healthcare Unicorns in 2021 and Their Domain Name Choices
Healthcare Unicorns with .com names exactly matching their brand vs others

Only one of the 72 brands on the list has included a dash in their domain name. This is generally a risky idea, given users often forget the dash, and it is also not adapted to voice searches.

Healthcare Unicorns in 2021 and Their Domain Name Choices
1 brand has a dash in its domain name

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