Unicorn Companies 2023 and Their Domain Name Choices

We will analyse several companies that reached unicorn status in 2023. Our focus will be on their naming and domain strategies, exploring how they’ve crafted their brand identities and solidified their online presence in the market.

40 Indian Unicorn Startups in 2021 and Their Domain Choices

Overview After the US and China, India has the world’s third-largest startup environment. The pandemic has accelerated India’s use of online technology. As more businesses are going online, venture capital firms and private investors are focusing on tech startups and industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, online grocery delivery, and home entertainment. According to a […]

Global Edtech Unicorns and Their Domain Choices

We recently analyzed 99 Fast-Growing Edtech Startups in 2021 and Their Domain Names, and now we’ll focus on global Edtech Unicorns and their domain choices.

Healthcare Unicorns in 2021 and Their Domain Name Choices

Overview The COVID outbreak has brought to light the health industry’s challenges and has focused investors’ attention on companies developing technology solutions aiming to make the sector more effective and efficient.  More than $21.6 Billion have been invested in digital healthcare companies in the year 2020.   In the first half of 2021, worldwide venture capital […]

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