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Names with stories: The story behind
By Kristina Mišić access_time 5 min read

Sascha and Christine are talking with us about how did they come up with the name Mamava, how did they get the domain, how important is the presence of their brand online.

What was the original source of inspiration for you to start Mamava? Were there particular trends or market demands you were responding to?

The idea came from a place of personal experience. We were breastfeeding moms needing to use our breast pumps when we traveled and the only private place to do it was a bathroom. So we were essentially making food for a newborn in a place designed for the exact opposite function. It was both disgusting and undignified. Thankfully legislation on a federal, state, and local level now mandates that employers and facilities like airports must provide a designated place to pump, other than a bathroom.

How did you come up with a name Mamava, what’s the story behind it?

Mamava combines the words mama and va — which relates to go or goes in Spanish. Our company is dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mamas on the go.

When and how did you get the domain What has been the effect of having it for your brand?

When we were choosing a name we made sure the domain and trademark were available, which is one of the reasons we chose Mamava.

What would be your advice to entrepreneurs who are wondering whether to invest in the perfect domain match for their brand?

It is your responsibility as a business to imbue meaning to the name through building the brand. A name is meaningless until you make it stand for something with your audience. To build a strong brand, you need to invest in building a relationship with your audience by creating content and meaningful products, services, experiences — and making sure your audience associates these products, services, and experiences with your name. A perfect match domain offers consistency and brand reinforcement, helping people to find and spread the word about you easily.

If you could have any domain name in the world would you still pick

Not necessarily. We do like that it feels more like a broadly encompassing idea vs. a product or something completely prescriptive. It allows us to take the brand in a lot of different directions.

How important is the presence of your brand online? What plays the most important role in people finding you on the web?

Our online brand presence is incredibly important. Often mothers, and those looking to support mothers at their places of business, first encounter Mamava pods when they see one at an airport — and then come online looking for more information. It’s important that it’s easy to find us and that we offer information that’s useful to anyone who might be interested in lactation spaces. While we sell pods only to businesses, we serve two audiences from an informational standpoint: buyers and mamas, offering resources on topics ranging from breastfeeding legislation and compliance to inspiring stories of breastfeeding moms. The happy by-product of delivering helpful, relevant content is SEO power, and the majority of our website traffic is organic. But our “pods in the wild” and earned media placements help people find us, too: our direct traffic is significant (and growing) — and many who discover us organically are searching for “Mamava.”

If you have to explain what you do, what your brand stands for and brings to the world, in one sentence, what would it be?

We are the inspired protagonist (brand) changing the culture of breastfeeding for the millennial mom. We make breastfeeding a more realistic choice for all mothers by increasing the availability of well-designed spaces to pump or nurse, and content, community, and curated commerce to support her in her breastfeeding journey.

What branding project has challenged you the most so far in your career?

Mamava has been the biggest challenge because we are creating an entirely new category and we need to interpret the idea into the culture with two distinct audiences, the customer who purchases our suites, and the moms who use them. These two audiences are often demographically really different. Breastfeeding/ pumping or anything having to do with women’s bodies is a loaded conversation and we need to make sure people understand we are about providing an authentic choice for moms to continue to breastfeed after returning to work by providing support for pumping in particular, that we aren’t about hiding breastfeeding.

What is next for Mamava, where do you see your brand 5 years from now?

Our vision is to solve this problem on a large scale, so anywhere moms go she can find a place to pump or breastfeed, and we want to be there for moms all along their breastfeeding journey.

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