Domain tips

Why domain names are so important for your startup's success

Does your domain name really matter?

Tatiana Bonneau shares her thoughts on the importance of domain names for startups.

How putting the right domain name strategy in place enhances your marketing efforts?

Acquiring the most expensive domain names as the cheapest way to market your business online.

Why Your Domain Name Matters: 4 Reasons Why .Com Domain Names Are The Best For Your Brand

Deciding on a domain name is as much important as selecting your company name, it’s the most important decision you will make for your business.

Stop spending your money on a premium domain name you don’t own

Your desired .com domain name is taken. So what? Just add another word! Pick a fancy new extension! Put a dash? Anything can work, it doesn’t really matter, does it? I mean, Tesla had before getting, Slack had before Even the best domain name in the world will not save you if your product is not good. […]

Everything You Need To Know About EBMs

What is an Exact Brand Match domain? What effects would it have on your business? What risks do you take on by not owning yours? We’ve put together some tips on the topic.

8 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Buying Domain Names

…and how to avoid them.

What you can learn from Fortune 500 Companies and their domain name choices

We analyzed the Fortune 500 list of brands and their domain name choices, here’s what we have learned.

5 Lies you should stop believing about domain names

To celebrate April Fools Day we have compiled a short list of the lies you hear most often about domain names.

Frequently Asked Questions about Domain Names [Part 1]

We decided to create a series of posts covering some of the most popular questions regarding domain names, which we will attempt to answer.

We analyzed 1587 funded startups and their domain name choices

Here is what we have learned.

Scary Brand Stories to Spook the Living (and the Dead!)

It’s time to dust off the old spell book and share some truly terrifying stories from brands that will turn unflappable into a bag of nerves.

12 Brand Experts And Entrepreneurs Share Their 2019 Business Naming Tips

We asked 12 brand experts and entrepreneurs to share their best advice on how to create a brand name, and here’s what we have learned.

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