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XTEND Gets $20 Million Funding for Life Saving Drone Operating System
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

What is XTEND and what does it do?

XTEND is a human-guided, AI-operated drone system enabling operators to more safely undertake complex missions.

Who founded XTEND?

XTEND was founded in 2018 by brothers Aviv and Matteo Shapira.

How much has XTEND raised?

The company just raised $20 million in equity financing as part of its Series A fundraising round.

Who has invested in XTEND? 

Chartered Group led the round, with participation from early investors such as lool ventures, I3 Equity Partners, TPY Ventures, TAU Ventures, Surround Ventures, Homeward Ventures, NFX and Top Ventures.

What domain name does XTEND operate on?

The company operates on the domain name, the .me extension is the country domain code for Montenegro. The . me registry is operated by doMEn, which won a contract to do so after a bid process conducted by the government of Montenegro. The extension is also used as abbreviation for Middle East and often used for personal sites and smaller startups, suggesting XTEND may be likely seen to upgrade their domain name in the future.

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