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ProfitBoss rebrands to
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Co-founded in 2018 by Adam Guild, who wanted to help restaurants build in-store traffic, PlacePull started taking off before the COVID-19 pandemic came to the U.S. When COVID-19 hit, the app’s goal became kind of obsolete, and the company’s annual contracts were not paying.

Many companies have responded to COVID-19 with innovative pivots that push them into new markets, and PlacePull was one of them. Although reportedly facing bankruptcy (to add to his bad luck, Adam was rejected from Y Combinator and other accelerator programs), the founders have decided to make some positive changes. PlacePull changed its name to ProfitBoss and began to provide restaurants with a free online ordering system and customized advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company made partnerships with DoorDash and Postmates, which Uber purchased for $2.65 billion in July, to use their drivers without needing to give them 20% or 30% for each transaction.

In June 2021, ProfitBoss rebranded as after acquiring the domain name from Digimedia. As Adam Guild, the co-founder and CEO, stated, they picked the name because restaurant owners take great pride in finally being owners after over 80% worked their way up from being employees in others’ restaurants.

In order to enhance its overall branding strategy and allow users to find their business online more efficiently, the company also secured the Twitter handle @Owner. With their excellent domain name,, we are sure the company has all the tools that will help them cultivate brand consistency that pays off for years to come.

The ability to own the customer relationship is that ultimate differentiation. Their ultimate goal is to provide a robust technology platform to increase margins, have people order more and come back often.

Jason Lemkin, founder of SaaStr Fund | TechCrunch

To date, has transacted over $18 million and helped its restaurant customers avoid paying $3 million to online order platform fees annually.

ProfitBoss rebrands to

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