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nTopology Secures $65m in Series D Funding Led by Tiger Global
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 2 min read

What is nTopology and what does it do?

nTopology is a leading generative design software aiming to provide the next generation of design tools for engineers in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, and industrial design spaces.

Who founded nTopology?

nTopology was founded in 2015 by Bradley Rothenberg who is also the current CEO, with the mission to enable engineers and designers to create any geometry and meet the requirements of high-performance products.

Earlier in my career, I found that most of the engineering software, like CAD, was a bottleneck in driving innovative design. Our company was built specifically to solve engineers’ problems, allowing them to fully utilize the power of additive manufacturing processes and fill the gaps left by these old legacy design tools.

Bradley Rothenberg, co-founder and CEO of nTopology

How much has nTopology raised?

The business has just secured $65 million in Series D funding, bringing the company’s total financing to $135 million to date.

Who has invested in nTopology? 

The latest funding round is led by Tiger Global with participation from Oldslip Group along with existing investors Root Ventures, Canaan Partners, Haystack, and Insight Partners.

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