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5 Marketing ideas to nail your 4th of July campaign
By SmartBranding Team access_time 4 min read

According to Wikipedia, Independence Day is commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776. This year, three-quarters (76%) of consumers plan to celebrate Independence Day. Although celebrations are canceled due to Covid-19 people will still celebrate with their families. Those who do have plans for the holiday expect to spend over $76 on average. How will you use this opportunity to participate in this year’s celebration as a business? It’s a great time to connect your brand with your customers, so here are some ideas to boost your sales for Independence Day:

Tie your business into patriotic themes

Statistics say that 53% of consumers own patriotic-themed apparel such as T-shirts, bathing suits, or shoes, and 40% own patriotic decorations. That means that you can still sell to people although they are staying home. You can point out that you sell from America, that you’re hiring American citizens, that your products are 100% produced in the USA. You can write a series of posts about how your business is patriotic but wrap it up nicely, so it looks like a good story about your brand. Releasing patriotic-themed collections of products is always a good idea and people can order them online. Again, we are reminded of the importance of online presence. Is your brand optimized and prepared for online sales? If not, this is a great moment to rethink your strategy and adjust to a new situation accordingly.

Discount offer

Offer a special discount and advertise it in holiday colors – red, blue, and white. Also, use this palette for your online marketing as much as possible for this occasion. You can offer coupon codes that include words like “liberty”, “freedom”, “4thofjuly”, etc. A good patriotic thing to do is to offer free USA shipping and people love that. Make sure that discounts and codes are clearly stated on your website. The best is to include it on banners too. Independence day themed banners will draw the attention of your customers and there they will find discounts that should result in action towards the purchase.

Educational posts

Post educational posts about the 4th of July, promote them on all social media, and ask for feedback. People love simple and interesting information, so give that to your customers through some short, easy posts. You want to use correct, well-researched hashtags, and if done right SEO will lead customers to you. Make sure that there’s something good to find when they arrive at your landing page. You can include a call to action as well which will raise your chances of conversion.

4th of July theme

People love receiving extra with their orders. Try to include small gifts to ship with orders, printed materials, etc. Of course, those should be themed for the 4th of July celebration as well as the packaging that you’re using to ship orders. If you make a statement somewhere that each order gets an extra gift, there’s bigger revenue for you, since customers will be thrilled to get something little as an addition to their order.

Give value

Give your customers value in the sense that you give them ideas on how to celebrate the 4th of July at their homes. Inspire them to stay home by giving them ideas on how to spend the holiday this year and how to make it fun. You can prepare some fun DIY projects, hacks, tips, and tricks for Independence Day decoration. If you want to get really creative, show them DIYs using your products or leftover packaging. So you can inspire your customers to recycle and have some fun!

Some of the mentioned ideas are instant solutions while some are building your brand in the long term. While discounts, promotions, and free gifts bring sales, giving authentic value to your audience is what creates a community that will stick with you. Bonding with customers and raising brand awareness is a long term strategy. So when is the better opportunity to bond than a holiday?