Monthly Funding Report: January 2024 Funded Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

The companies on the list show a preference for .com domains, with 402 out of 561 opting for this extension, highlighting its widespread recognition. 

Monthly Funding Report: January 2023 Funded Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

.com extension is the preferred choice among the companies on our list, with 373 out of 525 securing a .com domain name for their online presence. Customers worldwide naturally tend to trust .com as it has been dominating the internet for decades.

A Fresh Start for Debtsy with a Rebrand to Reflect What the Brand Stands for - January.Com

Debtsy launched in 2016 as a do-it-yourself debt settlement, where users can negotiate directly with their creditors in an effort to settle their debt for less than they originally owed. The company set on a mission to humanize the consumer debt collection industry. And they have sure made huge progress. In 2021 the company raised […]

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