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Our favorite ads for the holiday season 2020
By Tatiana Bonneau access_time 4 min read

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Pandemic, political and social issues, you name it, we had it all. So no surprise come the end of the year, brands have the challenge to come up with ads that not only have to resonate with their audience but also reflect the current sensitive global situation. Let’s look at how brands responded to it in their ads for the holiday season 2020. Oh, and hint, get some tissues.

John Lewis

John Lewis, the century-old British retailer, made a mark in holiday ads globally back in 2011 with their heartwarming advert featuring a little boy counting the days to Christmas, all excited about making a present to his parents. 

Since then it has become somewhat a tradition with everyone waiting to see the next John Lewis ad every year, much like kids. The idea to evoke emotions in a nostalgic and authentic way has proved to work. Here is John Lewis’s advert for 2020. Give a little love, make the world a better place, is the message. Much needed now, you can’t disagree.

Doc Morris

Dutch mail-order pharmacy Doc Morris touched a lot of hearts with their ad telling the story of a grandfather getting into training…well, we won’t tell you why, watch the ad and see. 

If you’re not in tears yet, the tagline at the end reads “So that you can take care of what really matters in life.”


You wouldn’t expect not to see Amazon on this list. Hate it or love it (and you sure have reasons on both counts!), the online giant has seen its revenue rise due to lock-down shopping. And that is very much what their seasonal ad touches on, in a very moving way – a ballerina show is canceled due to the pandemic but with the help of some love, creativity, and, of course, Amazon, the show goes on. 

Coca Cola

You can’t have a list of holiday ads without Coca-Cola. There are even theories that the image of the traditional Santa Claus we all know – the chubby, smiling Father Christmas dressed in red and white, originates from a Coca-Cola ad in the 30s. A dad’s epic journey to the North Pole to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa. « This Christmas, give something only you can give ».  Tissues, tissues, more tissues.


If someone can come up with a good story, it is Disney. This year they have focused on family and traditions with an emotional short « From our family to yours ». It reminds us of the importance of appreciating our loved ones and elegantly points out how Disney as a brand has been a part of our lives for generations.


Imagination is certainly something that can help a lot during this challenging time. LEGO gives it wings with their holiday production full of amazing creatures made by lego, all to the tune of «What a wonderful world» sang by kids. Pure delight.


Lamborghini, you’d think, doesn’t need to produce touching holiday ads, right? Wrong. This year has got even luxury brands to get back to basics and focus on what is important. « Distances exist to be shortened,» they say. How well placed.


During the pandemic, many businesses suffered, some even closed doors permanently. There were however some who’s sales skyrocketed. Farmdrop is one of those lucky ones. In their Christmas campaign for 2020, they focused on thanking the people who were an important part of their success – the British farmers. And the results are great.

What were your favorites? Don’t hesitate to send them over!