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Intis Telecom Pays $3.5M for, Offering Subdomains and Raising Questions
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 2 min read

The company has a business plan, confidence in it and has just invested a lot of money to prove it. One of the largest known transactions of the year demonstrates yet again the power and the unalterable value of .com domains to generate business and establish a brand.

By all means won’t have anything to do with Intis’ SMS business, if the company will mostly sell subdomains like, action words like or will clearly be its strong feature.

What’s even clearer now is that Intis plans to do this with lots of other domains.
Over the past months, the company has acquired ten ‘it’ domains, the most it had paid before was $25,000 for In 2020, the company also invested $235,000 in

Selling subdomains isn’t new, it has been the business model of some other companies for many years. CentralNic, for example, focused on domains similar to country codes, to name one. And this is exactly where the trouble comes for’s customers and the question of the amount of trust it will have to inspire those willing to register a domain bypassing ICANN and its regulations.

CentralNic used to offer domains like and through registrars, the same way you would register or Yet CentralNic one day terminated at once most second level domain name options and ended up making a number of businesses change their name against their will.
One certainly expects to save money getting a subdomain instead of a regular domain but it should be taken into account what would it cost, in number of business lost, to move out of it one day. A domain is worth not just the money that was paid for it but all the time one keeps investing regardless to make it known.

Yes, from the moment an individual or a business acquires a subdomain, from or companies alike, they have no guarantee their domain will remain their property over time and no recourse in front of no one if the company owning the second level domain chooses to discontinue its operations or goes under the (sub)domain will also be discontinued.

In somewhat of a contradiction to its business model but in line with the strong statement it just sent with the multimillion dollar acquisition of, Intis Telecom might inspire people to decline their subdomains and do exactly what themselves just did, get a .com domain, one truly owned, with its value it will keep and its brand it will grow.

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