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H2O.AI Raises $100 Million to Make AI Tools Usable by Any Enterprise
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

What is and what does it do? is a startup developing an open-source framework, proprietary apps making it easier for any size and sector enterprise to operate artificial intelligence-based services.

Who founded

Sri Ambati, the founder and CEO, previously also a co-founder of Platfora (a company acquired by Workday), has said that about 40% of the company’s revenues currently come from the world of financial.

How much has raised?

A great round number, $100M. The mountain View-based company has raised $246.5 million to this day.

Who has invested in

This Series E round was led by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which happens to be a customer of the startup. 

What domain name does operate on?

The brand operates on The AI extension has been widely adopted by tech startups as it is associated with a popular technology term (Artificial Intelligence) and offers a lot more availability than other TLDs. Using a number in the brand and domain name can be challenging in this digital era, as users may struggle to guess whether to write “two” or “2” when hearing the name.

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