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APAC data and analytics company Lumiq raised $2 million in Seed funding
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 1 min read

What is Lumiq?

Lumiq is a data and analytics company. 

What does Lumiq do?

The company powers data-driven decision-making for financial enterprises.

Who owns Lumiq?

 Shoaib Mohammad founded the company in Asia-Pacific (APAC).

How much has Lumiq raised?

Lumiq raised $2 million in Seed funding. 

Who has invested in Lumiq?

Three investors fund Lumiq. Redstart Labs and Info Edge ventures are the most recent investors.

What domain name does Lumiq operate on?

The company has chosen an ai. extension, the domain name Lumiq uses is The . com domain name has been owned and operated by the Lumiq Platform.

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