Building Success Through Strategic Leadership: An Interview with Lee Wochner of Counterintuity

Today our guest is  Lee Wochner. Lee is highly esteemed for his strategic leadership and facilitation abilities, which he has developed through over 25 years of organisational consulting, both independently and with Counterintuity. Today with his team Lee is serving a wide range of clients, including non-profits, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses.

Names with stories: The story behind

KraftPal manufactures sturdy, lightweight, and recyclable corrugated pallets using a high-speed automated method. Its goal is to enhance the way organizations carry and store commodities in terms of performance, cost, sustainability, and efficiency. Gregor Brajovic, Founder & CEO of KraftPal, talks for our Names With Stories series about the original source of inspiration for starting the company, […]

Robosoft’s MD and CEO about his brand and how digitalization is changing our lives

We touched on the story behind the brand name, their company culture, how has the pandemic affected their business, and his thoughts on how digitalization will continue to shape our lives.

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