HearHere expands service and product offerings and rebrands to Autio

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, the travel audio entertainment app Autio uses geolocation to automatically play stories about iconic landmarks, cities, and towns in the area. The startup joined with The Moth, a famous storytelling nonprofit, last month to contribute $1 from each Autio membership sold to support storytelling workshops and resources and to provide […]

SmartBranding Interview Guidelines

About the series: SmartBranding builds knowledge on naming, branding, and domain names as brand assets. We want more entrepreneurs to make better choices when building solid brands online. We share the interviews on Twitter, Medium, Linkedin, YouTube, and selected ones – with our mailing list. You can be a guest in writing, in video format, or on our podcast. Topics: Our audience consists […]

Panther Labs Gets a Domain Matching its Ambitions - Panther.com

Panther is a cloud-scale security analytics platform that bypasses the hurdle of traditional SIEM with detections-as-code and a scalable security data lake. Panther.com was registered in 1997 and was previously owned by Reflex Publishing. Reflex, owner of Baseball.com and Running.com, among many other premium assets of that kind, the firm is known to be quite dormant […]

Radar.io Doubles its Team and Invests in a Domain to Match - Radar.com

It has certainly been a great year for Radio.io. The company says it has doubled the size of its team in 2021, and it is on track to double again in 2022. And it just keeps on getting better, till the very last weeks of 2021. The geofencing platform has announced an impressive upgrade, it […]

American Airlines Invests in American.com

American Airlines is well aware of the power of domain names -amongst others the brand owns the very rare two letter domain name AA.com. The recent investment in American.com is a natural move to secure a term they have been widely referred to with. The world’s largest airline, since the merger with US Airways, and […]

BillFront Secures Funding and Rebrands to Vane

Fintech company BillFront today has announced it has secured €50 million in a multi-currency asset-backed financing from Fasanara Capital and that it will go under a new name, Vane. The company has secured its exact brand match Vane.com The rebrand to Vane reflects the company’s strategy to roll out a wider suite of financial products […]

Intis Telecom Pays $3.5M for IT.com, Offering Subdomains and Raising Questions

The company has a business plan, confidence in it and has just invested a lot of money to prove it. One of the largest known transactions of the year demonstrates yet again the power and the unalterable value of .com domains to generate business and establish a brand. By all means It.com won’t have anything […]

Femtech Israeli Startup Illumigyn Announces $33 Million in Funding and a Major Expansion

What is illumigyn? The world’s first remote gynecological imaging platform. What does illumigyn do? The Gynescope digitally documents the cervix, vagina, and external genitalia. Bringing doctors high-quality resolution and superior magnification enhance details beyond the capabilities of traditional cervix exams, enabling more accurate pap smears. Who owns illumigyn? The company was founded by Neve Ilan […]

Austrian Unicorn Bitpanda Raised $263 Million

What is Bitpanda? Bitpanda is a digital assets platform. What does Bitpanda do? The platform facilitates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, fractional stocks, and metals. Who owns Bitpanda? Christian Trummer, Eric Demuth, and Paul Klanschek founded the company in Austria. How much has Bitpanda raised? Following a $263 million Series C investment round, Bitpanda […]

MyChewy.com upgrade to Chewy.com

From Mr. Chewy to MyChewy to Chewy.com – learn more about the story of that startup from idea to IPO.

Names With Stories: The story behind Focusmate.com

Taylor Jacobson, Founder & CEO of Focusmate, talks for our Names With Stories series about the idea for Focusmate, their brand name, and the importance of having a strong team spirit. What is the story behind Focusmate? I first started working remotely in 2010, and I struggled immensely with procrastination. It was isolating and there […]

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