How did Stripe get its name?

Back in 2010 two brothers from Ireland, John and Patrick Collison were joined by Greg Brockman, to start a business that we all today know as Stripe. Greg shared the story of how they came up with the brand’s name. The initial product was a developer focused payments API, so when it came to naming […]

Names with stories: The story behind

Teylor offers fully digital, fast and easy loans for German businesses. Applicants don’t need to go to the bank, use any paper or wait for a callback. The entire loan application can be completed from their home or office, using a computer or a smartphone. We discuss with Patrick Stäuble, CEO & Founder of Teylor […]

Names with stories: The story behind

Sachin Sinha, Founder and CEO of BangDB, talks for our “Names With Stories” series of interviews about the origin of the name BangDB, their choice of the domain name, and what is new and exciting in their future plans. BangDB is a pioneer in AI-based Converged NoSQL database technology. Why BangDB? What do you do […]

Names with stories: The story behind

In this interview, we talk with Avanti Shukla, Digital Marketing Manager of unremot, about the original source of inspiration for starting the company, what’s the meaning behind the brand name, and where she sees unremot in the future. unremot is a marketplace dedicated to blockchain, web3, crypto, and NFT professionals. Any individual or enterprise who needs […]

Names with stories: The story behind

Founded in 2011, VitalConnect is a leader in wearable biosensor technology for wireless monitoring in hospital and remote patient populations. Dr. Nersi Nazari, Executive Chairman & Founder of VitalConnect talks with us about the origin of the brand name, their choice of the domain name, and the process of acquisition, as well as their views for […] Is Now Simply

If you’ve ever needed property valuation, you know this is a very competitive market. You are looking for fast, accurate and current information, that you can rely on. How do you choose a company you can trust? Founded in 2005, Waiv Valuation not only offers expert property valuations, but it also does it with a […] Catches up with the Brand's Success Investing in

LinkTree was created in 2016 when brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria teamed up with their friend, Nick Humphreys, and the site was created in six hours. They had no clue that LinkTree would grow into a platform with a much bigger vision.

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