100 Ukrainian Brands to Know and Support

On February 24, the life of Ukrainians changed fundamentally. Even though the war in Ukraine began 8 years ago, it was on that morning that the whole country, as well as many Ukrainians living abroad, woke up with the understanding that now they and their loved ones are in danger. In the 21st century, a […]

Marque Luxury Announces $20 Million Funding

What is MARQUE and what does it do? MARQUE is a wholesale/B2B provider of authenticated pre-owned luxury handbags, small leather goods, accessories, watches, and jewelry. Who founded MARQUE? Quentin Caruana is the founder and president of MARQUE. How much has MARQUE raised? The startup has just secured $20 Million in funding to drive continued business expansion on an operational […]

Names with stories: The story behind

Gingie Mcleod, Founder of SAINT CHIC, chats with us about the process of choosing a brand name, why it was essential to have the exact brand match domain, and why you have to believe in your brand.

Fashion Ipos 2021 and Their Domain Name Choices

Fashionista compiled an article on the 2021 IPO boom and what it means to IPO a fashion business. We will have a closer look at some of the companies on their list that have a strong market presence and have gone public in the past few years. 

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