E-mobility developer and manufacturer Opibus closed a $7,5 million investment round

What is Opibus? Opibus is an E-mobility developer and manufacturer. What does Opibus do? Opibus develops a wide range of e-mobility products such as electric motorcycles, power generation systems, charging infrastructure, and others. The company aims to accelerate a transition to sustainable mobility in emerging markets.  Who owns Opibus? Filip Gardler launched Opibus in 2017. […]

Blockchain developer platform QuickNode picked $35 million

What is QuickNode? QuickNode is a blockchain developer platform. What does QuickNode do? The platform helps its users build and operate blockchain-powered applications (dApps). Who owns QuickNode? Alexander Nabutovsky, Auston Bunsen, Dmitry Shklovsky, and Manuel Kreutz founded the company in 2017 under the legal name QuikNode Inc. How much has QuickNode raised? The company picked […]

Saas Labs picked up $17 million in Series A funding round

SaaS developer Saas Labs picked up $17 million in Series A funding round. Saas Labs is a SaaS products developer.

California-based Deel lands $425 million in funding

Deel is a payroll platform developer. California-based startup lands $425 million in Series D funding round.

Colorado-based Tynt Technologies lands $5.5 million from a Seed funding round

Tynt Technologies is a smart window developer. Colorado-based company lands $5.5 million from a Seed funding round.

Rush Sports closes Seed round with $2 million funding

Tomash Devenishek founded the company in 2019 under the legal name Rush Sports Inc. Rush Sports has raised only one round of funding so far, totaling $2 million.

Lightricks Closed a $100 Million Series D Investment Round

The company closed a $100 million Series D investment round, which brings the company’s total raise to $335M in funding over five rounds.

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