Music App Aimi Raised a $20 Million Series A Funding Round

What is AiMi and what does it do? AiMi is a music app powered by AI and machine learning able to create music tailored to each user’s preferences. Who founded AiMi? AiMi is a sub-organization of the technology incubator Endanik. Serial entrepreneur, inventor, and investor Edward Balassanian (also CEO and President of Endanik) founded AiMi […]

Grocery Delivery App Zepto Raises $60 Million

What is Zepto? Zepto is a quick commerce grocery delivery app. What does Zepto do? Zepto offers a 10-minute grocery delivery service by setting up dark stores, designed and optimized for fast deliveries, across the cities it operates in.  Who owns Zepto? The startup is founded by two 19-year-old entrepreneurs, Kaivalya Vohra and Aadit Palicha, […]

Cairo-Based Startup Breadfast Raised $26 Million in a Series A Funding Round

What is Breadfast? Breadfast is a supermarket app for daily essentials. What does Breadfast do? Breadfast offers scheduled and on-demand delivery of groceries and other household essentials. Who owns Breadfast? Abdallah Nofal, Mostafa Amin, and Muhammad S. Habib founded the company in 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. How much has Breadfast raised? Breadfas has raised $26 […]

Kitchenful closed its first Seed round with $1.9 funding secured

Kitchenful is a recipe recommendation app. The startup closed its first Seed round with $1.9 funding secured.

India-based app Chalo secured $40 Series C Round

Chalo has secured a total of $47 million in five rounds of investment. The most recent Series C was raised on October 5, 2021.

Hedvig raised $45 million at the Series B funding round

Hedvig raised $45 million at the Series B funding round. Hedvig provides property, travel, and accident insurance geared.

Why app advertisers need branding?

You have developed an app that solves a problem, it is nice and easy to use. Do you need branding for it? Is it enough to have it on the app store? What does branding an app even mean?

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